We Are Making Wears Collage Gift For Company 

We Are Making Photo Collage Gift For Company 




Planning for a Gift ? How about a Photo Collage ?

In the traditional mosaic photo collage the viewer has to move a certain distance away from the collage to get a sense of the bigger image. Pixel photo is the only collage that gives the bigger images a clear clarity even when viewed closer. You can check the above samples images.

Recommendations for Main Picture

An image with intricate patterns, tiny text, many people, or little contrast doesn’t work well as the main picture. On the other hand, face closeup’s, simple logos, photos of large objects, and pictures with a lot of color variation work quite well.

Recommendations for Tile Pictures

A large number of tile pictures with a broad range of colors work well because this allows better cell mapping with the main image.How to Order?

  1. Send 40 to 50 photos to select the faces to be used as tile images.
  2. Send 1 photo which would be the main photo & which is created by the small ones



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